The new David Franklin album, SONGS OF POTENTIAL EMBRACE, is one of the most daring, experimental, exciting and boundary-pushing albums released within the new age genre in quite awhile.  It combines piano, guitar, occasional background vocals and a variety of unusual sounds -- an African hand percussion udu pot recorded backwards, bowed bass notes from a harp guitar, a drum with ballbearings inside, a guitar lightly bumping against a shelf, a vacuum cleaner droning, a voice mimicing a tabla, a telephone and much more.  Do not miss out on this music-and-mind-expanding adventure.


Of course there are more regular types of music on the album too -- a solo piano piece with a pretty melody, some ambient tunes (like “Ambient Fog”) and several synthesizer compositions -- “XaS10shl (existensial)” and “Whirling.”  But many of the compositions have wild-and-crazy sounds added into the mix which really keeps your ears tuned into the excitement because you never know what to expect next.  Take this one out for a test-drive and see if you like what is under the hood.