There is something warm, earthy and soothing about traditional Italian music (usually featuring piano, violin, mandolin, accordion) that captures the Mediterranean sunlight or moonlight, falling in love, drinking red wine at a sidewalk cafe, or strolling through the mesmerizing museums there.  The latest album by new age pianist ELIZABETH NACCARATO (appropriately titled Souvenir d’Italia) conjures up those Italian images and feelings whether you have ever been there or not.  Just another fine example of excellent world music from an unexpected place (and, yes, she utilizes those instruments listed above, plus a little saxophone as well).  I especially enjoyed the tune called “Serenade” -- imagine a villa in the countryside, an open window, the moon shining down, a lady brushing her hair up above and a young man creating music in the yard below.  Most of these tunes conjure up similar images of Italian life, whether we saw it while traveling there or on the silver screen through the years.  Guaranteed to flood your senses with everything Italian and to make you yearn for an Italian vacation (although if you are facing poverty or time restraints, this recording might be the next best thing).  You can find the CD or downloads at all the usual online sales sites, or go to her website (her name plus dot com).