Take a listen to the incredible music on the new Terra Guitarra album, OF SEA & STARS, and you will see why they are so popular in concert, and why they do so well with sales and airplay.  This acoustic-guitar new age and world-fusion group is incredibly popular and their music consistently goes to the top of the charts.  This is their eighth album.  Their last two, DRAGONFLY and FIRELIGHT, both went Top 5 on the prestigious international Top 100 Zone Music Reporter Chart, and FIRELIGHT went to No. 1 on the One World Music Chart, and both were in the Top 5 Albums of the Year for those charts.


Bruce Hecksel composes the music and plays lead acoustic with Julie Patchouli laying down a broad and power rhythm-guitar layer.  While Terra Guitarra first rose to popularity based on their version of the nouveau flamenco sound, they also are committed to incorporating new styles into the mix.  Of Sea & Stars has native wood flutes, and there is additional instrumentation such as bass, congas, various other drums and hand percussion played by both members.


 “Our music has always been Latin-based,” says Patchouli, “with rhythms and sounds from either the Mediterranean -- Spain, Greece and Morocco -- or the Caribbean, or Central and South America.  But slowly we keep expanding our sound whether it is adding Native American wood flute or subtle elements from places such as Northern Europe or Africa.”


This group performs regularly and thrills listeners whether in concert or with their recordings.